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Russia’s Rising Potential

​​​​​​​In this modern age of geopolitics, exponential rise of Russia as a superpower evidenced since the collapsed of Soviet Union. The fundamentals of Superpower entail “dominant position in international relation which is accompanied by its unparalleled ability to exert potential influence or project power on global scale”.

Presidential or Parliamentary form of government in Pakistan

​​​​​​​Presently, Pakistan is going through hard times of its history and political opponents are chagrin by the present government’s policies and plans. It is very embarrassing to see how opponent political parties are collated to topple the ruling government, instead coming together on a table in order to ease Pakistan’s problems.

Perilous decisions

As the PTI government took the rein of administration in August last year, the most daunting question was how to address the economic crisis at hand. The country’s current account deficit was melting day by day, while the fiscal imbalance was out of control.

Knocking the shots in the disputed territory

​​​​​​​Indian move to purge the special status of Kashmir has shut down all the prospect of resolving the issue of the disputed territory. The violence in Kashmir has intimidated Pakistan in every way.

Our Education System needs to be assessed.

It has been observed that for a nation to propel, there is a need to improve the quality level of education. Unfortunately, Pakistan is lacking behind its core objective to revamp the system of education across the board.

Intolerant Society

In this age of globalization, life has become disputable for every person living in society. Eid-ul-Ahzah is festive for the Muslim community across the world, where, all the Muslims enjoy the meat by slaughtering Goat or Buffalo or Camel as per one’s capacity. In this beautiful event, people are rushing for shopping and traveling to meet their loved ones.

Environmental Issues

In this modern era, environmental issues are the most significant causes of destruction for human beings that gouge out the production of food and health in the global village.

Project Finance

A project finance is the financing of a long-term infrastructure industrial project, and public services, based on a non-recourse or limited recourse financial structure, in which project debt and equity used to finance the project are paid back from the cash flow generated by the project.

Baleful consequences of punitive tariffs

In this modern age of globalization, Trump’s actions of imposing punitive tariffs on steel and aluminum imports has jeopardize the international market of steel and aluminum.

Heighten State

​​​​​​​The date of declaring wealth is fast approaching. People are in a rush to declare their undisclosed income and property. Meanwhile, there has been a sharp increase of taxes on every business of the state; these taxes affected the lives of people by making them unable to meet their daily needs.