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Hefty attack on Sri Lankan Territory

It is very unfortunate fact that we prepare for war in order to prevail peace. The recent tragedy that took place in Sir Lanka on Easter Sunday yield 300 plus people dead and multiple injured. The Easter weekend attacks resemble the al-Qaeda attacks of the 2000s in US.

Disdain Transgender their rights and obligations

​​​​​​​The most vulnerable people in Pakistan, who are marginalized by the society from social, culture and political streams, are transgender. Pakistan is an Islamic State and Islam provides equal rights to everyone irrespective of class or gender.

Expect the unexpected Strike in the country

Always a blood spot in Pakistan, politics is not the game of nuts nor for the faint of the heat; you need a sharp elbow, a thick skin, a flexible conscience and relative hostility. Recently, the opposition party has all types of recourse to topple the ruling government.

Emotions of the populace and Economic policy

​​​​​​​It is very disheartening to swallow PTI’s new economic policy, which has perturbed people all and sundry. First time in the history of the country, inflation rate has soared to 9.4 percent, very astronomical increase in the prices of the country’s goods and services.

Dirty act of Vandalism

This week has been horrible for Pakistan because society has lost faith upon authorities. It is very displeasing to hear child abuse took place once again in Kasur and followed by Nimrita’s death in Karachi.

Depiction of underground art renders portal of another world

Depiction of underground art renders portal of another world, where things would have had happened and signifying the art of culture. “Diving into the sea would provide a movie in thoughts” with regards to the sculpture. Maldives, the stunning surface has far greater treasures deeper inside.

Comparative Analysis of PTI and PML (N) government

Currently, Pakistan is going through hard times of its history. Ever have the inflation rate soared to 9.4 percent and dollar which sky rocketed at 151 rupees against dollar. The policies enacted by the government are somewhat illusory and unrealistic to run a country.

Budgetary policy year ending 2019

​​​​​​​The budget is a tough one but our fiscal, trade and foreign currency matters have been addressed in this budget. Since the PTI came in power, population of Pakistan has inveighed about the economic policy of the ruling government.

Amnesty Scheme 2019

​​​​​​​Recently, Federal government has given illimitable powers to Federal Bureau of Revenue (FBR) to search, seize and scrutinize assets in all places, where money, whether tangible or intangible, may be hidden from the government.

Amid chaos blossom wonder of silence

The silence of night surrendered by manifold confusion while reading the chattels of Pakistan newspapers and going through the experience that I had during the week.