Spring of injustice

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The season of Autumn has started in Pakistan bringing some good and bad vibes for the people of Pakistan. Some people are excited by the coming of autumn but more are displeased of its coming. It is because of the situation Pakistan is in today. Externally, it is facing extreme pressure on its eastern border because it's been more than a month of curfew placed in India-held Kashmir but the world community has remained silent and reluctant to take any stringent action against Indian leaders, while internally there has been horrible death of Saladin Ayyubi in Rahim Yar Khan, left some serious question regarding humanity and human action to control crime from the society.  I am shocked to see how our leaders are responding to such an intolerant act of Punjab Police. Well, for a person like me could do nothing but to pass some filthy comments on the action of the authorities for a few hours and get back to what I was doing.


As, I am an associate at Ahmer Bilal Soofi & Company Solicitors and Barristers, I was given too many tasks this week. I was wondering whether these appeals that I have to appear before the commissioner and then to Tribunal, what worth would it make to the society that I am living in today. The only answer I get from my sixth sense is that it will pay me off when I become one of the officials of the government in the coming time. But I was not surprised by the commissioner appeals at bellowers palace because the commissioner, which I won’t mention his name, never comes on time and mostly on leave from his office, since I got to hear from his assistance that he, recently came from two and a half year of holidays from Canada. I laughed and wasted my three hours by waiting at his office to present my case before him. My associates told me that this is the routine here and it's normal. I was disappointed because the client pays Mr. Soofi the money for his case and the case gets adjourned for no specific reason. This is the 100th adjournment: I believe we took this week before the commissioner appeals. One of his peons told me that he is the officer; there are no restrictions on the officer to whether he takes leave to comes late to the office but unlike him, we have to give a million reasons just to take one leave from work. this is the office environment of Pakistan.


Further, suddenly on Thursday night, my collogue Sannia messaged me about the case, called Punjab Beverages, and told me that we have to appear before the commissioner appeals Faisalabad on Friday. It was my first ever experience in Pakistan to go to Faisalabad with the female collogue alone. She picked me from my home and we departed sharply at 9 on Friday morning from Lahore. During the journey, we smoked a lot of cigarettes and talked about some cloths, gym, and foodstuff. I realized while talking, she mentioned money a few times. I was wondering why the people of Pakistan always ask or tell about the money related stuff and especially the prices. Personally, I have no interest in how much did it cost or some extra bits. I always thought of why wealth has become so important for the people everywhere.


My experience in Pakistan teaches me to shows what I have,  if you have less than the other than mention something to downgrade the other. I believe this is not the way to express one's concern or thing. People contend not to enjoy what they have and talk about providing justice to others. When we arrive before the commissioner appeals in Faisalabad, I was so happy to see that the commissioner was honest and litigating the case with us on merit bases. The essential role of being a lawyer is to defend the client whilst the department to charge hefty penalties for no depositing tax into the government exchequer. We convinced the commissioner to at least adjourn the case for another week, so we could be well prepared and provide evidence on the next hearing. After the hearing, we went to eat at Burger King's Faisalabad. We ate our meals and departed for Lahore. On the way, we both were talking about some science and Illuminati things, when all of a sudden Sannia asked me who is closest to you in life and whether I have a girlfriend or not. Subsequently, giving some pause I replied that I am not close to anyone and neither I have a girlfriend. She asked me why.  I retorted by simply saying maybe I never tried in my whole life to find a suitable girl for myself. She laughed for a bit and set quiet. She asked me again about trust. I told her that it's really hard to build trust, once it is broken. In this instance, she agreed with me and told me that she also cannot trust anyone as quickly as one should, before it's too late. Then she told me about her boyfriend, whom she loved so much but her boyfriend's family didn't agree on her because of the difference of caste between the two families.


I was crumbled and said that it was not fair to lose such a beautiful and independent girl like her. It is not anybody’s fault rather it’s the fault of the culture that persists in today’s society. It is very hard to believe that people sometimes lose great opportunities by resisting what the law of nature brings to them. Similarly, our education system is so pathetic that it doesn't teach how to become and act like a human. This culture has been entrenched on Indian rudimentary and then we all talk about injustices happening in Pakistan.


The fundamental culpability is not on the institutions or authorities or on the law and order, but it is in the culture of human beings running the institutions of the society. The culture of Pakistan needs to be revamped to erase all injustices from society. The reality is we are tenuous to follow the real teachings of Islam and conduit the Hindutva culture into the society. People are careless and do not consider stalwart towards anything. The death of Salluddin ignited some analyst that there should be reforms in our police culture since the incompetent chief minister who has done nothing but piled up more issues in Punjab. The youth of the country is not allowed to pick their life partners based on caste and creed system that Pakistan carries since independence. Externally, we are very tenuous to confront India and other state powers to convince and bolster Pakistan's economy.


The essential predicament lies at the heart of the culture if people do not contend to change or behave the way they supposed to, as mentioned in the Holy Quran, how our society would prosper for the upcoming generations. Just reforms would not do any better rather the system of our culture needs to be altered. This could only be done when certain transmutation introduces in the society, such as education, proper guidance of the religion and necessities of life. A man is an animal by nature. He or she could satisfy their thirst if justice is provided by the state. Introduction of new law and order and reforms would only put a new system, at the place of the old, but transforming culture would bring a change of implementing the love of a philanthropist.  This could only be done by educating people both spiritually and morally.



Our journey to Lahore has given me and my colleague Sannia some refreshment from work since our workload was enough this week, which needed some entertainment. By the time, we reached Lahore, we realized that time was too short for a long drive and we wished that we could have more time to put some light on the topic of love and trust. The month of Autumn did bring some good vibes for me but for the rest, I can't say anything.

Sher Afghan

Sher Afghan

An experienced legal professional (LLB, BCom & LLM) with a reputation for integrity, innovative thinking and a proven understanding of the law and legal system in New South Wales and Lahore. Aside from a lawyer, I am a Confident communicator and writer who is able to liaise directly with statutory agencies and non-statutory agencies, Research Societies, Educational institutions and other legal and non-legal parties.