The 5th Wave

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In this 21st century, one can be pessimistic that life, nature and filthy evils are playing pivotal role for the “survival of the fittest” as proclaimed by Darwinist theory. This century has incremented human race and fatal casualties in the form of virus, aggression, natural calamities and invasion. It is to be noted that presently human race stands on the brink of extinctions as series of waves that decimated the planet and one rule applies to all humans at large that is “trust no one”. Silence is not the answer to stop the present wave to destroy whatever remains at most.


Let’s take a deep look into the waves through the lenses of this 21st century.


First wave is called the “invasion”. Since the end of cold war America used its vast majority of investment on information technology. The rise of globalization in the form of imperialism has had invaded the world at large risking other states. Currently, every state on this planet has imprisoned itself into the modern technology for progress and development. This has given opportunity to filthy evils of America, who perceive themselves to be a great power, to monitor every move through electromagnetic pulses that are placed beneath the Earth. With this regard, they invented many devices through which they could easily assault every state in the world particularly Muslim states.


Second wave known as a “literal wave”. Since the end of World War II, the five great powers were exempted from possessing nuclear weapon. By the end of 1985, almost 9 states have acquired the technology of Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD). This dropped giant beam into the Earth’s fault-line, causing earth quakes, volcanoes, tsunamis killing all those living across the coast and approximately 3 billion people are impacted from such disasters. It is also true that nature plays ominous role in natural disaster but science tells us that human activities has escalated the chances of natural disasters on this planet. As in the present age, we can easily notice that how countries are competition each other for economic interest, withdrawal of America from Paris Accord, which was adopted to lower the effect of global warming, globalization and overpopulation. According to Amnesty International, this planet could sustain only 1 billion people but presently, there are 7.3 billion people dwelling on this planet, which has exceeded 7 folds. This potentially triggers natural disasters which instigates atrocities.


Third wave is called the plague of diseases carried through birds, pollution, eating non-hygienic food, tuberculosis disease and cancer.  These diseases are fatal and gory. Many people died from such ghastly diseases. According to World Health Organization (WHO), 50,000 new cases of tuberculosis are added each year to the existing pool of 550,000 cases in Pakistan only. There are 35,000 people die annually of tuberculosis disease. Mainly because of poverty and unhealthy nutrients a person consumes which inevitably falls into the ambit of diseases. Depression is also one of the most precarious disease in this present era. Currently. Almost 38% of the population of the world has engrossed into depression. The root cause of depression are regrets of the past. Thus, all such diseases are prevalent in the world and the authentic remedies are impassable by the authorities of Medical agencies in the West. Even in the developing countries, the authorities contend to pick cheap material in order to make medicines which ultimately inflict harm to the already suffering person. This third wave of agnostic disease is fatal.  


The fourth wave is hunting of the survivors. Since the victory of liberal democracy and the rise of globalization, many states are either fallen into the ambit of chaos and destruction or run by the filthy evils. For instance, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and all other South east Asian countries have fall into the basket of developing states—poverty, unemployment, violence and corruption. This even prevails in western states as well, for example, Trump’s victory in 2016 election has been regarded as rigged.  In this regard, people contends to influence towards West for better education and life style for survivors. Whilst in the west, they are haunted by white-supremacist and racism. Many Muslim have become the victim of terrorists and the agent of violence and chaos, while other nationalists become the victims of inferior skin color, because we still live in a world where white supremacist are privileged.





The 5th wave is known as the rise of extremism and racism in the west, it has had created chaos and violence towards Muslims of this planet. Since the victory of liberal democracy, Muslims are the prime target of vengeance because of their imminent migration and no civilization, West has been targeting Muslim states, creating imperialism, chaos and eventually eradicating their power. For example, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan and potentially Pakistan. There is a little room for growing love and respect amongst the people of the planet. Since the massacres of Christchurch, many high white officials of the west have raised their voices against white extremism. For example, Prime minister of Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand all respect and tribute to change their laws more astringent in order to survive in this presently life. Whilst in the east, people are raising their voices and concerns that spoke for justice and tolerance for purpose of evolution and development. This wave could potentially trigger world war III, which could be quite destructive and horrendous. As Albeit Einstein said “Don’t’ know about world war III but world war IV will be with sticks and stones”.


To cease all the exaggerated frustration amongst the world’s states, there is a need to condemn violence, pay heed to lower carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, comprehensive regulatory framework to control the flood of population and build trust to fight the evil minds. We all need to leave behind our ideologies and pay attention to save the world from series of different waves which is known as invasion of the 21st century. This century is most horrific and hard to fathom because of acute corruption of humans and of materials.  We all need to get together to cease all the filthy evils known as “the others” who are against certain faith and rules and potentially planning to destroy their root cause. One should know that Power is only needed when one needs to showcase hegemony and create chaos, otherwise love is enough to contemplate all the state on one table.  

Sher Afghan

Sher Afghan

An experienced legal professional (LLB, BCom & LLM) with a reputation for integrity, innovative thinking and a proven understanding of the law and legal system in New South Wales and Lahore. Aside from a lawyer, I am a Confident communicator and writer who is able to liaise directly with statutory agencies and non-statutory agencies, Research Societies, Educational institutions and other legal and non-legal parties.