The secret of success

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It is true that every individual is in need of success in one form or the other but sometimes they contend to conceit the success. Success is the name of constant struggle and fighting the inner soul to produce what one conceives success.  In this modern era, some people consider success by blaming others for their own failures, it is because this era has saddle people with various traditions and trends that are mixed with which one is not comfortable enough to achieve what it ought to achieve. There is a mixer of value systems to that of West, which for some people, becomes impediment in the way of accomplishing success. To be successful one needs to be clear about its vision about success.



There are some ingredients which need to be materialized in order to achieve secret of success. First, one needs to assure oneself about the vision of what they want instead becoming a sheep by following others. For example, in Pakistan majority of people attempts CSS exam but those people lack clarity of why they contend to go for CSS exam. According to the survey 2017, 73% of students attempt CSS exam for the sake of telling others. Thus, to achieve success, one needs to be clear of what one needs in life.


Second, power of decision making should be decisive. However, it’s a practical approach which needs to be executed in one’s life. Through the power of decision making one could easily peruse the need of success. It is clear that success cannot be stimulated unless the power of decision making is in one’s hand. Nevertheless, the power of decision making comes after taking many wrong decisions, it cannot be precipitate overnight. Many people especially young students who just have finished high school contend to follow people’s advice or their parents to undertake higher education. Thus, Inner voice is neglected which is true the path of success.


Third, one needs to have and develop patience inside him. It is one of the major ingredients of success which cannot be denied in this age of competition. Inevitably success is achieved if one is sincerely and honestly follows his WILL. The road to success could be bumpy and zigzag, it’s never a straight path. Therefore, to have patience is necessary in order to achieve success in one’s life.


Fourth, reverberation struggle is required in the path of success. As discussed above that the road to success will not be straight, rather it would be bumpy. No matter how illusory the road to success would be, one needs to concentrate on his WILL to achieve of what one desires. Constant struggle and fighting with the troubles of life ultimately lead to success. Of course, there would be many miserable hurdles that certainly stop one in achieving of what he requires. But as I discussed early, “power of decision making” would eventually help to curtail such obstacles that come in the path of success.  


Having discussed four essential ingredients of success, one should bear in mind that constant struggle and mentally strong candidates could inevitably achieve their success at an early period of life.  


Further, to exhort the secret of success, one should be carving enough to find his real passion. If by chance, profession and passion become one, then success can easily be accomplished. Another important procreate early you start, early you achieve success. Sometimes people take to or timid in wasting time to attain success. And later in the ages of their life they contend to change their profession or way of doing work to sustain something better to name success.


In pith and marrow, the secret of success is constant struggle and clear vision of achieving something important in life. As said by Albeit Einstein that “It is better for one to attain that which could benefit others simultaneously”.   So, in this instance, success is annexed with passion as well as talent and hard work. Nothing is impossible in the world, rather it is “I am possible” to gain success. All these elements of success are in dire need to be implemented in developing countries especially in Pakistan, where, youth lacks support and crucial education.  

Sher Afghan

Sher Afghan

An experienced legal professional (LLB, BCom & LLM) with a reputation for integrity, innovative thinking and a proven understanding of the law and legal system in New South Wales and Lahore. Aside from a lawyer, I am a Confident communicator and writer who is able to liaise directly with statutory agencies and non-statutory agencies, Research Societies, Educational institutions and other legal and non-legal parties.