The United Nations and Pakistan

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It is to be praised that Imran Khan has made a remarkable speech at the 74th session of the United Nations security council which have won the hearts of millions of Pakistanis across the world. I am surprised and happy to see that Pakistan after four long decades got a leader, who is enthusiastic and fervent to resolve Pakistan's crisis with its neighbors. He has poured his heart out and warns the world about Kashmir's bloodbath. Before, Imran khan there was Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, who had rocked the stage at the United Nations regarding Kashmir issue. However, there has been some intransigent from Donald Trump, who was ecstatic with Narendra Modi's vernacular speech at Texas, where he condemned terrorism and people who promote and patronize the seed of terrorism in the world.


We all are well aware of the International community's support and condemnation about Kashmir's crisis. It is very sad to see how Muslims of the world are reluctant to talk about the Kashmir issue and halt the humanitarian crisis in the region. There are only two countries that spoke about Kashmir predicament- Turkey and Malaysia. For Pakistan to afloat in the international arena, it must avoid any kind of war, whether conventional or nuclear with India and focuses more on its economic doldrums. As Napoleon once said, "Foreign policy of the State is determined by its economic and political fundamentals". Unfortunately, Pakistan is disoriented in both the perspective, which is the significant reason for the international community not to listen to its voice to the humanitarian crisis.  The obstinacy of India to suppress the people of Kashmir and not to lift curfew from Kashmir is the sign to enter into war in the future with Pakistan. This week when I was waiting at the commissioner appeals office, one of the assistants of the commissioner started to talk about the crisis of Pakistan with India. He stipulated that according to an astrologist, India and Pakistan will go into war in coming months because astrologist told him that there are two stars, which is likely to strike with each other, implying the same stars hit when the world war II started in 1939. He further explained that it is the same star which is very close to each other and in the coming months, the stars will hit each other and war will take place. I was startled on hearing such embattled news from the people.


After some days, I concluded that our Prime Minister Imran Khan has explicitly told the world the difference between terrorism, Islamophobia, and Muslims through a platform of the United Nations. The riposte of Indian to suppress the people of Kashmir as much as it could, so people will come out as revolutionaries to fight suppression that Indian has put against their freedom. This will inevitably make vibrant for America and India to blame Pakistan supporting terrorism in the held valley, which will potentially escalate to war. Thus, Pakistan will bear the brunt of the chaos which is inflamed by India in the first place, stroking the blind eye over the international community. As Trump sided with India to concomitant fight against terrorism and those who support terrorism. This has put Pakistan into disadvantage internally and externally.


The confrontation between Pakistan and India will eliminate each other and poison much the globe at large. At this point, it is very important for the United Nations which promised the rights of Kashmiri people in the first place should act fast before Kashmir falls into the ambit of another Palestine. Recently, I was reading an article in which Pakistan, Malaysia, and Turkey are opening up own society and moving them in the direction of tolerance for diverse opinions, which would go a long way in establishing the bona fides of the channel. “They all agreed to jointly start an English Language channel dedicated to confronting the challenges posed by Islamophobia and setting the record straight on our great religion—Islam. This will automatically correct any misconceptions regarding Islam, issue of Blasphemy would be properly contextualized; series and films would be produced on Muslim history to educate and inform our people and the world; Muslims would be given dedicated media presence".  This will not only generate jobs and employment opportunities for the Muslims but also it will give the world a true image of Islam. It will also bring together Muslim states who want to confront and fight for justice against the radical international community. It will also purport innovative reforms to revamp ill of the Muslim community and show the world the difference between radical Muslims and Muslims, who want to live a peaceful life for betterment.


Today at the lunch table in the office, we are discussed about Imran Khan's speech at the United Nations General Assembly. It is astonishing to see that no one at the table watched Imran khan's address at the United Nations except a few. We all discussed the plausible reason for Pakistan's weakness is its economic precept. The leaders of the country are trying their best to bolster the economy of the country but there are some feudal lords, who inverse the justice system of the country. Yesterday, my barber called me to talk to me as its been many days, we hadn't talked. He was telling me that our leader is no doubt great and can prosper Pakistan, but many other ministries are feudal by their nature and content to disrupt the justice system of Pakistan. I was shocked to see how Usman Buzdar consistently makes transfers of the bureaucrats without any scrutiny on their work. If Pakistan wants that International National community should listen to its voice, it should work towards the prosperity of the economy, where an international investor could easily invest in Pakistan. Virtually, the history of Pakistan guides us that we are not in the ability to create a vibrant and prosperous society at all because we are borne to corrupt practices. For example, our traffic system is so losing and filthy that people have no patience to wait or give space to other vehicles, rather everybody is in rush and want their cake to be baked before anyone else could take it.




At the sideline of the United Nations session, Saudi crown Prince urged Prime minister Imran Khan to mediate between Iran and US to foil any escalation of the war. Recently, Saudi oil facility has been attacked by Houthis in Yemen, but I think it's been attacked by Israel because they are playing the game of Thorne to push Iran to its knees, as Israel contended that Iran is building its nuclear missile. This shows the evasive of Saudi Arabia towards Muslims International community. This is the right time for Muslims of the world to come together against the holocaust of the West. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has spoken to Pakistan about the relation between Iran and the west, where they are ready to make peace. While on the other hand, the United Nations and Pakistan are sided in the awake of Kashmir crisis. This is the time for the United Nations to act and resolve any kind of bloodbath, which is taking place in the future. The world has witnessed two great wars and its consequences, it cannot bear the brunt of nuclear war, as it will eliminate the existence of human beings from the face of the earth. It is evident from the history that during Kargil episode, Musharraf realized that nuclear weapons had brought Pakistan and India to an impasse. He is so far the only leader courageous enough to explicitly acknowledge this and most importantly to say out aloud that, for better or for worse, mutual fear of nuclear annihilation has etched the LOC in stone. It remains to be seen if other Pakistani and Indian Leaders can dare to follow his example. Only then might peace get half a chance.

Sher Afghan

Sher Afghan

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