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What's your plan for this Holi (Festival of Colors)?

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Every year I spend the Holi festival with my family and friends. We everytime go to a farmhouse that our family friend owns. It has a small swimming pool with a beautiful garden around. We play with colours in the garden and have a sound system to give it a feel of a small pool party. It's true fun to have all the family and friends around and play Holi with the people you really love.

But this year, my sister (she is a cousin but we have a joint family and we have grown up together so she is more like a sibling) got married. And now, we have a new family that has come into this picture. We invited them to the farmhouse but they seem to have not liked the idea, so there is a change in plans.

As it is my sister and her husband's first Holi with us, we do not want to miss them. So we are thinking to have a party on the terrace of the building we live in and invite them there.

No matter what place, I guess it will surely be fun to have the older family and the newer ones together on the day of class:)

So yeah, this is what I plan to do this Holi, stay with my family, have a lot of fun, dance and the best part, EAT the delicacies that are made that day. It's so much fun and having the whole family around makes it the best:)

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