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How do you write an acknowledgement for a final year project?

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The acknowledgement section is where you appreciate the people that were helpful in carrying out your research. In a concise manner, mention and thank the individuals that provided educational, moral and financial support.

Here is a sample from a research work by Uche Nonso:


I am grateful to Almighty God for giving me the strength, knowledge and understanding to complete this project. His love has been more than sufficient to keep and sustain me.

My profound gratitude goes to my wonderful supervisor, ____________ for her invaluable support, patience, time and guidance in seeing me to the completion of this research work. Also my gratitude goes to my head of department Dr. ___________ who patiently saw me to the completion of this research work.

I also extend gratitude and appreciation to my lecturers in ________ department who have taught me at one point or the other. May God continue to bless, protect and guide you all.

I also wish to acknowledge the great support and advice of Mrs ___________, my lecturer during my _________ at _________. My appreciation also goes to Mr _________ for his on-the-spot advice during my research work.

I also wish to acknowledge the great support of my parents, siblings who have been a source of inspiration towards my academic pursuit. God bless you all.

I will not cease to acknowledge the support of my friends: _______, _______, ______, and _______. God bless you all
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