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What is the best birthday wish message for my best friend?

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I had written this letter to my bestfriend about a year ago. I hope you get some idea from this letter and write a even more beautiful one for your bestfriend :)

A little suggestion : Be absolutely yourself.

Here is my letter( changed her name ) :

Dear Chocopie,

Wishing you many more candles to light and blow, many more cakes to cut and relish, and many more champagne bottles to pour and drink

I don't really know what to write about you because it's so hard. So hard because I know I was always there for you and yet I wasn't.

Anyways, that doesn't make me any less grateful about the time I got to spend with you. Class 10 was the best academic session for me, the best.

Chocopie, some people tell me that I'm kind and when they say that I remember the times when I wasn't worthy of it and you still were indefinitely generous to me. Thanks a lot for that. The kindness that I show today is just the reflection of the kindness you showed back then, seven years ago that was.

You know I cried when I read " The Kite Runner " because you were so much like Hassan. Loyal, forgiving ,always kind .

I'm thankful enough I didn't lose you in the frequent undertows of bad times.

In the end, I love you. I don't say it enough but trust me I do. Looking forward to spend time with you soon .

Affectionately yours,


Thank you reading :)
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