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Bodo to English Translation
(i) आं सासे भारतनि नोगोरारि।
(ii) आसामआ भारतबर्षनि मोनसे फिसा राइजो।
(iii) आं आसामआव जोनोम मोनदोंमोन।
(iv) भारतबर्षआ मोनसे गेदेर हादोद।
(v) बे भारतनि सा-सान्‍जा दिगआव द॑।
(vi) आथिखालाव आं उदालगुरियाव थायो।

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(i) I am an Indian citizen.

(ii) Assam is a small state in India.

(iii) I was born in Assam.

(iv) India is a large country.

(v) It is situated in the northeast of India.

(vi) My residence is currently in Udalguri.
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