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what does it mean to dream about a casino

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Playing at a casino is a dream with a positive meaning
If you had a dream about a casino, it may be a sign of good fortune. Such a dream also represents the risk involved in achieving good luck, which results in the quick and straightforward acquisition of money.
Dreaming about placing bets in a casino indicates ridicule. You will find that your colleagues or friends are playing terrible tricks on you.
If you dream about playing at the casino, and you can see the game, but you don’t know the result, or it is insignificant to you, then it means that you will have to do some household chores soon. You’ll have lots of hard times, and they may be expensive.
If you win your bets at the casino, this might mean that you will have the ill fortune in real life. The more you win, the worse loss you will experience in real life.
If you dream about winning in a pokies machine, but you don’t get anything, take it as a warning.
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