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The base sequence in one of the strands of DNA is TAGCATGAT.
(i) Give the base sequence of its complementary strand.
(ii) How are these base pairs held together in a DNA molecule?
(iii) Explain the base complementary rule. Name the scientist who framed this rule.

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(ii)Base pairs occur when nitrogenous bases make hydrogen bonds with each other. Each base has a specific partner: guanine with cytosine, adenine with thymine (in DNA) or adenine with uracil (in RNA).
(iii)The rules of base pairing explain the phenomenon that whatever the amount of adenine (A) in the DNA of an organism, the amount of thymine (T) is the same (Chargaff's rule). Similarly, whatever the amount of guanine (G), the amount of cytosine (C) is the same. Erwin Chargaff discovered the complementary base pair rule.
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