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What is internet ? Write the main names of communication means based on internet and describe any two in detail.

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Internet is an international way of massage which is formed by connecting telephone lines with computers located at different places of the world. By this information reach from one place to another in a moment. Internet word is formed by combining two English word International and Network means global system(world wide net). It is a wireless system.
Major Services based on Internet:
It has converted whole world into a whole sale market where you can purchase from very small to big things. Open any website of E-Commerce give your order and receive your most wanted thing. Credit card is the most suitable means for online purchasing , sending information to consumers through advertisement for purchasing and selling. E-commerce plays a important role in conducting business activities by utilising-Computer network, internet , worldwide web to EDI (Electronic dat interchanges), E-mail , E-ft (Electronic file transfer) etc.
It is mainly a system of providing medical facility, in which Doctor treat those patients living in remote areas with the help of Telecommunication and information technology. In this system patient and doctor can see each other and can talk to each other. Beside pictures of ECG, X-Ray, CT Scan , MRI etc. can be examine by opening computer video file.
Modern technique of information telecast in which many channels can be telecast together just through one cable or wire. It is called broadband.
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