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Read the following excerpt from an online post of a website on educational practices.

Kids who appreciate how much effort, time and care goes into growing food will understand how important farmers are, and why it's important to take care of our Earth. In the world of today, gardening needs to be given more importance than sports, music and dance in all schools because it creates environmental stewards and outdoor learning laboratories that help the child and community for years to come.

Write a paragraph in 100-120 words to analyse the given argument.

You could think about what alternative explanations might weaken the given conclusion and include rationale / evidence that would strengthen / counter the given argument.

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Argument FOR the subject of the statement:

In the world of today, gardening needs to be given more importance than sports, music and dance in all schools. While sports, music and dance contribute towards personal growth, the current times mandate attention towards an issue that is global ---nature and natural processes. With growing food wastage in many homes today and the urban young believing that vegetables are grown, harvested at the super markets, the efforts of the farmers are discredited. Gardening at school will open a world of first-hand learning experiences of sowing, watering and harvesting processes. Waiting for the saplings to grow will inculcate sensitivity, patience, empathy, gratitudeand value for one’s hard work. They will feel accountable for their piece of Mother Earth, resulting in making them efficient and enterprising environmental stewards. Unlike sports, music or dance, gardening goes beyond just enjoyment to create aware and responsible citizens of the future.

Argument AGAINST the subject of the statement:

Gardening, certainly, should not be given precedence over sports, music and dance in all schools. Gardening at school requires good planning with hands-on guidance and continued supervision by the teachers. Students tend to lose interest due to the slow and natural growth progress of plants as well as the investment of continuous hard work. Small targets or goals would be missing whereas the danger of destruction of their work due to rains, intrusion of grazing animals or a pest attack is like to set in a feeling of defeat. It may be noted that sports, music and dance are uplifting activities which display faster results, are enjoyable and inculcate team spirit, collaboration and confidence. Unlike gardening, setbacks in these activities can be addressed with some sense of personal control. These activities help students express and de-stress successfully. So, maintaining their due importance in the school’s co-curriculum is imperative.
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