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Write short notes on the following domains of the earth.

(i) Lithosphere

(ii) Hydrosphere

(iii) Biosphere

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(i) Lithosphere - It is made up of solid Rock surface of the earth's Crust and the thin layers of soil which contain nutrient element essential for life. There are two main divisions of the Earth's surface.

The large landmasses are known as the continents amd massive water bodies are called ocean basins.

(ii) Hydrosphere -  The earth is called the blue planet. More than 71% of the Earth is covered with water and 29% is with land. Hydrosphere consists of water in all its forms.

As running water in oceans and rivers and in lakes, ice in glaciers, underground water and the water vapour in atmosphere, all comprise the Hydrosphere.

(iii) Biosphere - It is the zone with existing life. There are several organisms found here from microbes to large animals.

All the organisms are linked with each other and biosphere as well.

The living organisms in biosphere can be broadly divided into to Plant kingdom and Animal kingdom.
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