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The chart shows the division of household tasks by gender in Great Britain. Write an analytical paragraph describing the chart given in not more than 200 words.

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Answer 2:

The chart shows the number of minutes per day spent by British men and women in doing household tasks. On an average, the women spend about four hours doing household tasks whereas the men spend less than two and half hours.

The tasks on which women spend more time than men include cooking, cleaning house, taking care of the children and laundry. In doing all these tasks, women spend approximately 200 minutes which is almost three times the time spent by men in these tasks. On the other hand, men spend twice the time than women in doing tasks like gardening and maintenance of odd jobs in the house. Men spend the highest time, almost 50 minutes, in gardening and petcare. While the women spend only 30 minutes for these tasks. The time spent by men in washing, ironing and sewing clothes is as low as 2 minutes per day as opposed to 25 minutes spent by women.

In short, women spend far more time doing household chores than men whilst men prefer to do gardening, petcare and maintaining odd jobs.
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