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Cultural Society Sunshine Public School, Nellore organised an adult literacy camp in its neighbourhood. Write a report in 120 – 150 words on the camp for your school newsletter. You are P.V. Sunitha, Secretary. Use the following clues: no. of volunteers – hours spent in teaching – location of the class – chairs, blackboards – no. of people attending the camp – benefit.

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An adult literacy camp was organised by Cultural Society Sunshine Public School, Nellore in the school neighbourhood yesterday extending educational options to those adults, who have lost the opportunity and have crossed the age of formal education. The activities of the camp were carried out by the cultural society of the school and there were a total of 25 volunteers.

The camp began with the welcome speech for the chief guest, Mrs. Kavita Naik, a renowned social worker. 400 people were a part of the camp. They were divided into different groups in accordance with their competencies. They were taught the basics for being able to read and write. Free books and stationery is being provided for quality education. All the arrangements including desks and blackboard were done in advance. Apart from the educational needs, special care was devoted to hygiene and sanitation. They were taught basics of cleanliness like types of wastes and their management. Refreshments were also provided to the participants. The immense enthusiasm and zeal in the people to learn iwas the main driving factor.

The chief guest distributed the certificates of participation among the volunteers. The camp ended on a positive note. There was an atmosphere of learning and growing together.
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