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What is a current concern regarding the advancement of quantum computing? existing cryptography may be easily cracked

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⇒The main concern regarding the advancement of quantum computing is cracking encryptions.

Quantum computers will be powerful enough to break public-key encryption in some years. When it happens, they could be a major threat to national security, and financial and private data.


Concern and risks of quantum computer:-

Quantum computers are highly unstable today.
They must be held in expensive refrigerators cooled to near-absolute zero temperatures.
Today’s computer also fall far short of the one million-qubits needed to make quantum computers commercially available.
Prediction says that such a milestone could arrive within 10 years, and once matured, these technologies will have a host of battlefield, commercial, and strategic applications.
Quantum computing is capable of artificial intelligence/machine learning.
This technology can process and identify patterns in data more rapidly than classical computers, making quantum AI tools more accurate and scalable.
For instance, Quantum AI tools can provide autonomous weapons and mobile platforms, such as drones, with heightened sensing, navigation, and positioning options in GPS-denied areas.
Also such systems could independently alter course to avoid enemy countermeasures.
Quantum also has the potential to significantly increase the connectivity, security, and speed of the internet.
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