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i. How did Peggy justify her cruel behavior towards Wanda?

ii. Describe how Custard’s reaction was different from that of others, on seeing the pirate?

iii. Who, according to Nelson Mandela, is a courageous man?

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(i) she felt Wanda lied about her dresses
- Wanda wasn’t ordinary as she had a funny name
- she believed that she was just having fun and didn’t mean harm
(ii) -Custard was always teased as being the cowardly one, by all others
-When the pirate arrived, others ran away to hide
-Custard was the only one who stood up to fight with him/who attacked him.
(iii) -not someone who doesn’t experience fear
-someone who doesn’t give in to it
-one who wins over fear

Competency applied for :
content -
• Stating Minimum 2 rationales
• Depicting Support of / reference to textual evidence
expression -
• Applying logical progression, using appropriate linking devices (e.g. because/ besides, in order to, therefore etc.) - cohesion
• Response relevance for overall sense according to the question attempted - coherence
• Accuracy in use of grammatical structures, vocabulary and spellings
NOTE — Writing in a paragraph recommended. Just listing of points shall result in deduction of marks allotted for cohesion & coherence.
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