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List a few examples of environmental degradation that you may have observed around you.

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Humans increase environmental degradation as they increase the levels of carbon dioxide in the air. Global warming may affect environmental factors, including the availability of water. Warming increases transpiration from plants. An earlier snow melt increases the chances of flooding as well as the chances of drought.

Global warming increases the annual precipitation. The additional rain causes an increase in the rate of soil erosion, which leads to a further decline in water quality. Even with the increased precipitation, warmer temperatures decrease the amount of moisture the soil holds.

From an agricultural standpoint, global degradation leads to the need for additional irrigation water. Adding water in this manner increases the salinity of the soil, eventually to the point that it is no longer able to support crops.

Few examples of environmental degradation:

1.      Deforestation

2.      Soil erosion

3.      Falling levels of ground water

4.      Depletion of the ozone layer and combustion from automobiles causing extreme air pollution

5.      Water Pollution

6.      Throwing waste in river

7.      Use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides

8.      Burning of coal and mineral oil
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