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Explain the uses of micro-organisms.

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Microorganisms have found widescale application in various industries. Some of their applications are:
Use of Microorganisms in Food Industry
(i) Lactobacillus bacterium promotes the conversion of milk into curd.
(ii) Yeast is used in the preparation of bread, pastries, and cakes.

Use of Microorganisms in Vaccine Production
(i) Protection of the body from the attack of various disease-causing microorganisms through vaccines is known as vaccination.
(ii) The vaccine includes dead or weakened microbes that trigger the production of antibodies in the body.

Use of Microorganisms in Increasing Soil Fertility
(i) Blue-green algae and Rhizobium are called biological nitrogen fixers.
(ii) They fix atmospheric free nitrogen to enhance soil fertility.
These are just a few examples that highlight the commercial importance of these microorganisms.
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