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Explain the uses of non metals.

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Users of non metals :
1. Hydrogen and carbon are the essential constituents of the cells of all living beings. without these elements life is not possible . further more, carbon in the form of coal is used for generating heat energy for houses as well as factories.

2.Nitrogen in the from of fertilizers is essential for growth and development of plants , urea and calcium , ammonium nitrate are common fertilizers used by farmers.

3.Oxygen is absolutely essential for the resipration of all kinds of plants and animals. it is also used in manufacture of steels and for artificial resipiration of high altitudes , in space and deep sea diving.

4. Silicon is used for making microchips and all kinds of electronic goods.

5. Phosphrous is used in match industry and fertilizers.

6. Sulphur is used for making fire crackers, gun powder and sulphuric acid.

7. Chlorine is used in the disinfection of drinking water.

8. iodine dissolved in alcohol ( incture iodine) is antiseptic in nature and is used in dressing wounds.

9. Helium is used in balloons .

10. Argon is used in electric lights and advertisement signboards.neon is also used in advertisements signboards and for lightining.
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