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Explain the uses of thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic.

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1. Thermoplastic: As these plastic are soften on heating, they can be recycled, reused, coloured, melted and moulded into different shape.
Some thermoplastic and their uses are mentioned below:
(a) FVC : one of the most commonly used plastic is PVC (polyvinyl chloride ). PVC is used as a buliding material and to make enclosure for electronic item.
(b) Teflon : Teflon is a scratch proof, corrosion - resistant plastic , which is used to provide protective covering to materials.
(c) polyethylene (PE) : It has a wide range of inexpensive uses that include making supermarkets bags, plastic bottle, Paccking material for milk, and some other liquid.
(d) Polustyrene (PS) : it is used for making disposable untensils, food container , cover for CD and cassettes.
2. Thermosetting : Such plastic once moulded cannot be heated and recanted into another. Some thermosetting plastic are :
(a) Bakelite :Bakelite is used for making plugs, sockets, switches and other electrical fitting.
(b) Melamine : It is used for making unbreakable kitchenware. melamine plastic is also coated on the uniform of firemen.
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