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Write an essay on the following topic in about 250 words :
Health and Happiness.

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A very common aphorism, laughter is the most excellent medicine, is actually the reality of life. Do we know how much reality is there in this particular statement ? The surveys and researchers have found out that happiness is the main reason of good health. There were no divergence's in happiness among people who were single or married, female or male or of unreliable socioeconomic standing; nevertheless the happiest applicants had the most excellent results all over the board intended for the health pointers.
A different study has exposed and found out that people who are happy are less probable to get ill and vice-versa. The first and foremost step to achieve happiness is having a caring and considerate attitude towards others all your life. Each and every one of us deserves to be happy and stay in good health all our lives and this is only possible if we follow the above strategies. Optimistic and happy people are more probable to take care of themselves and moreover have a quite strong support systems so as to live longer.
We all dream that with 'Health and Happiness' we can actually have a total control over our lives. We become the most important component of our society, thereby taking pleasure in each and every recreational activity of it. We are free from any sort of singling out and discrimination. Health and happiness are interrelated to one another and are also an ultimate guide to stay alive longer in peace and harmony.
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