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Write a short essay 150−200 words science in everyday life

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Science in everyday life
Science has influenced each and every aspect of man’s life. Wonders of science are uncountable. Machines and gadgets invented and made with the help of science are ubiquitous. There is not a single moment in man’s life that is without machines and gadgets.  
Can man imagine living without science even for a moment? The truth is NO! Machines, gadgets, vehicles, smart-phones, tabs, laptops, ac, blower, geyser, and whatnot, science makes man’s life convenient, comfortable, and comfortable.
Computers, the internet, IT revolution, E-governance, smart-cities, smart-classes, digitization of the economy, advanced medication, online learning, ACs, heaters, TVs, comfortable cars, buses, trains, aeroplanes, and many more, all are gifts of science to mankind.  
Science is helping man unravel the mysteries of the universe. Science is helping man find a cure for deadly diseases. Science has the potential to solve all of man’s problems and challenges provided it is put to the right use. But this potential is not being explored. Man is busy misusing science. For example, our planet earth has so much Uranium, Thorium, Plutonium, etc. that if used optimally, abundant power can be generated for all the people living in all the countries of the planet.
All the problems pertaining to pollution, environmental degradation, etc. can be solved using science. All the cities of the world can be converted into smart cities using science; all the vehicles that emit toxic gases can be converted into zero-emission vehicles using science; all the sewage, garbage, effluents, toxic fumes coming out of chimneys can be turned into non-polluting substances using science. However, this is being done only in the most advanced countries of the world.  
Man should use science only for the welfare of mankind.
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