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Essay on our duties, your take in 500 words in English

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'Our Duties, Your take’
Our duties are our responsibilities to our parents, our country, our fellow human beings, and the world. Unfortunately very few of us take these responsibilities enthusiastically. Let’s first talk about our duties to our country.  

John Kennedy, the famous American President once said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” Unfortunately, very few people in our country think like him. Here everyone is busy grinding his or her own axe. National issues are at the bottom of almost each Indian’s priority list. Hence, they continue to tarnish our national development and image.  

Most of us, almost 99.999% of us claim our rights only. Our fundamental rights, our comfort, our luxuries, our pleasures, our earnings, our savings, our interests, our likes, etc. are so dear to us that when we feel any encroachment and any threat to them, we raise such a hue and cry. We quote such-and-such articles from the constitution to prove to the world that our rights have been deprived of us. We are so stubbornly selfish.

But when it comes to our duties to our country, we complacently assume, ‘It is not my job! Someone else will do it!” Everyone just turns a blind eye to the outrageous wrongs being done to the environment; because raising voice against the wrongs implies devoting one's time, energy, and resources! 'Who will have fun then? My leisure will be wasted! I alone can't do anything!' This is what everyone thinks when it comes to doing one's duty to the nation's welfare.  

The present critical problems that are hampering the advancement of our country exist because of this apathetic attitude. If Mahatma Gandhi would not have fought the British, who would? If Mother Theresa would not help the poor and the afflicted, who would? The way we are handling our country doesn't augur well.  We need to do our duties to our country optimally. We must contribute to its development whole-heartedly. We must abide by all laws; we must pay our taxes in time; we must work hard to bring glory to her.

Similar apathy is shown by us towards our parents, society, and the world.

We have the following duties towards our country:

1.To be responsible citizens.

2.To contribute to the development of the country.

3.To bring it honor, glory, and laurels to it through my words, and deeds.

4.To be ready to fight for it if any nefarious anti-national force threatens its peace and integrity.

5.To obey all its rules, regulations, and constitution.

6.To promote its constitutional objectives and democratic values such as justice, liberty, equality, and fraternity.

Let’s change our attitude. Let’s do our duties to our motherland as passionately as we claim our rights. The moment we start doing our duties to our motherland, it will become one of the most advanced and progressive countries of the world.
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