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Write an essay of 200−250 words in any one of the following topics.
(i) My Hobby.

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(i) My Hobby
Introduction-Hobby is a fondness for something. It is not a regular work or business. Everyone in this world has one hobby or the other. It is so because a hobby gives us joy and happiness. It is the best use of one's own leisure.
Kinds of Hobbies: Hobbies are of different kinds. Some of them are stamp-collecting, gardening, card-playing, photography, carpentry, painting, riding, singing and knitting. Many more subjects can be added to this list. One is free to choose his own hobby from this long list of hobbies.
My Hobby- My hobby is gardening. There is a small plot in front of my house. I have turned this plot into a garden. This small but beautiful garden is the result of my brother's and my labour. I work in the garden every morning and evening. I dig the land, make beds for flowers and vegetables and plants a good variety of flowers and other kinds of plants. Now, there are rose, lily, marigold and many other flowers in my garden. I have also two trees in my garden. Creepers and plants in my garden are the best in the colony. I grow some pumpkins, brinjals and potatoes in the garden. Thus, my garden gives me flowers and many other things.
My hobby is very useful. It keeps me busy and teaches me the importance of physical labour. I learn things myself by doing them with my hands. It leads me to dignity of labour.
Conclusion: My garden gives us flowers which are used in 'Puja'. I oblige my friends and relatives by giving them vegetables grown in my garden. Sometimes, I take part in flower competitions and win prizes.
Thus, my hobby brings joy and happiness to all. I am proud of my garden and my hobby. It gives me physical exercise and keep me fit all day long. Gardening makes me feel godliness.
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