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Write an essay of 200−250 words in any one of the following topics. (iv) Value of travelling.

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(iv) Value of travelling:
Travelling means going from place to place for one or another purpose. Some people travel for pleasure, some for business, while there are many others who travel to earn their living.
Traveling is rather a tedious and troublesome job for people of small means. Because, they cannot afford to pay for comfortable conveyance and therefore are huddled in trains and buses and one is put to a thousand inconveniences. Rich people, on the other hand find travelling very enjoyable. They can bear the high cost of travelling and enjoy all the amenities on the way. They can feast their eyes with the beauties of nature. When they go to a particular place they ordinarily put up at the costliest place and come into contact with people of high status.
Travelling is instructive to one and all. When we travel from one place to another we meet will people of various places with various habits, manners and customs. We carry our own culture to them and in return, come back with their culture. Thus a link is established between two places and grows better understanding and close relations among different groups of people.
In countries of Europe and America, travelling is regarded as a point of education for the young people. They think that education is incomplete till a young man goes aboard and comes into direct contact with the people of various countries. No guardians would afford the expenses of such a travel. But the poor Indians cannot even think of such a luxury. We are so poor that our parents cannot carry us through to the competition of education. We therefore, have to remain satisfied with the study of books on the subject.
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