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An essay about an amazing person

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We all have someone in life that we admire and truly respect with all our hearts. They may be a mother, father, family member, teacher, leader, professional, or any other person who has really influenced and inspired us in many ways. An amazing person is someone we look up to and fully rely on with all our hearts.
To me, the most amazing person is my friend Shreya. She is really one of a kind whom I have never imagined would exist in my life. We became friends after we first met on a school trip back in high school. She was a year senior to me but nevertheless, she treated me like a friend.
After getting to know her for five years. I have come to realize how amazing she is. She had a very disturbed childhood growing up. She hailed from a hard family and often had many troubles around her. However, she never once showed any sign of giving up. She always smiled through all her obstacles and completed her studies with good grades.
She now works at an NGO and the amount of effort she puts into the organization is tremendous. She wants to make sure that no child ever has to go through what she has gone through and helps them achieve a childhood that she has been robbed of.
People like her are truly amazing because they are not selfish or apathetic. She could have landed into a good job and earned enough to have a comfortable life, but she chose to help children like her. It is people like her who really inspire and makes me wonder how truly amazing and awesome some people can be.
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