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Write an essay on impact of COVID-19 on education.

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The worldwide lockdowns because of the global pandemic have affected many important sectors adversely , one of them is the education sector.

The pandemic forces schools ,colleges and universities to shut abruptly which exposed students to online learning.

The changes of classroom to digital learning at the outbreak of pandemic disturbed the learning of children in low-income areas around the world. The families who could not afford smart-phones, wi-fi, computers or laptops were at immediate disadvantage.

The parents, many of whom lacked the skills of becoming a home-teacher now had to take up the job suddenly .

Internet connectivity issues, limited data, lack of resources are the three main challenges to online learning for school children.

As the method changes to digital learning and virtual classrooms, the main question here is that if students are actually learning anything.

The changes in methods of learning has advised us to move to methods that have never been taken up before, it is giving us a chance to change and experience exposure.

During the initial period, the institutions were confused because they had no idea how to proceed but gradually , they developed the digital infrastructure and the study pattern started to settle.

During the pandemic the situation most of the students preferred was open and distance learning mode as it encourages self-learning and providing opportunities to learn from diverse resources and customized learning as per their needs.

Most of the recruitment got hampered because of the pandemic. Placements for students was also affected.

Many pass out students lost important job opportunities and many students and job workers had to return home from over seas because of the pandemic therefore disrupting their work.
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