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Essay on Qutub Minar... [250+ words]

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Qutub Minar is counted among the famous historical places of India. Qutub minor is present in Delhi, India .this tower, made of stones and intents, is a very tall tower. Qutub Minar was built in the 12th century by Qutubdin Aibak but the complete work of this was done by Qutubdin Aibak is the successor of Iltumish.

The height of Qutub Minar is more than 72m meters high. Qutub Minar is India second tallest tower .the tallest tower is the Fateh Burj, which is in Chapar Chini village of Mohali, which is also higher than Qutub minor

This tower is also called the tallest dome tower .on this, mostly Redstone has been used. After 1505, earthquake the Qutub Minar had suffered a lot, and then it was repaired by Sikander Lodhi .to reach the top end of the Qutub Minar,379 staircases were built.

the starting diameter of the tower is 14.3 meters but reaching the final floor - reaching it 2 it lasts 7 meters, Apart from this, the prayers of the Quran on the walls of the tower have been inscribed. thousand of tourists from all over the world come to see this historic tower of India.
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