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Write an essay about 100 words on "My ambition in life is to become a doctor".

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My Ambition Is To Become Doctor
My aim is to become a doctor, I will not be like the present day doctors whose chief purpose is to amass money by giving expensive treatment to people in need. All their actions and practices are motivated by this single purpose.  
If I become a doctor, my chief aim will be to reduce people‚Äôs pain, grief, and tensions by providing them quality and effective medical care. I will have my own clinic where I will give medicine at affordable rates to needy people. I will make every facility available to them at affordable price.  
I will also have a research center where research to find cure for fatal and incurable diseases will go on. After making advanced, affordable, and multi-specialty facility in one city, I will have its branches opened in other cities also.  Free medical care will also be given to very poor people.
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