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Write a general essay in about 200 words on the following topic.
Students and Social Service.

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Man owes the happiness of his life to society. Hence it is his duty to serve the society in the best possible manner. Again the mission of life is social service. We live for others, not for ourselves. Even nature reaches us the lesson of service. The sun, the moon, the earth, the stars, the rivers, the trees, etc., exist for others.
Social service means selfless service to humanity. It is based on love of humanity. Social service develops a spirit of brotherhood between man and man. The man mission of students is to study diligently. But if they can spare some time, they should render some social service according to their capacity and inclination. The field of social service is very wide: education, sanitation, social reforms, etc. In the field of social service, students can do a wonderful job. Everyone trusts them.
Students can make the literacy campaign successful. They can offer their services to the Adult Education class of their locality. If there is no such class, they should open such a class or should teach some of their neighbours. Fortunately, students have ample time for social service.
There are summer vacation, the winter holidays in which students almost remain idle. Sanitation is another sphere in which students can do something. They can teach the children of their locality to be neat and clean. Students can take part in the movement for social reforms. They may arrange debates on social evils and should condemn them. Whenever there is a call from social reformers, students should come forward to help them. Students should organize Student welfare Societies to provide help to the needy students. Students should promote communal harmony in the country and should join some organization of volunteers or a scouts association. Through it, they should serve the society. Life is duty, life is service. In short, Students should serve the people in one way or another.
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