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Write an essay on 'Overpopulation - A hazard'.

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Introduction : Over population refers to a condition where there is unmanageable growth of the human population. These numbers exceed the actual number of the population and make life uncomfortable on Earth. This rapid growth of population is known as population explosion and it has an adverse effect on the economy of the country.

Some of the main causes of Over population are:

Increase in the birth rate: Since people lack awareness of the problems in the increasing birth rate this poses a huge problem as the gap between death and birth has increased and has become wider than what should be.

A decrease in mortality rate- Due to scientific advancements the mortality rate; that is number of deaths have also reduced which poses another problem to the population of the country.

High level of illiteracy- The literacy level of people is another major problem that is seen a lot in the rural areas where they don't follow any sort of family planning. They keep giving birth and if each family has about 5-6 children this results in population explosion.

Causes of Population explosion:

Due to the sudden explosion of population there have been a lot of slums that have sprung up drastically.

This population explosion has led to sudden demands in the basic amenities which has lead to mass production due to the deficit in the commodities.

The states are getting overcrowded, this is resulting in congestion in the states. The public transports are getting over crowded and are leading to a lot of traffic jams.

Overpopulation is causing a lot of crowds in hospitals, railway stations , bus stands etc. The respective departments are not being able to handle the pressure.

It even leads to unemployment as there are not many jobs to offer owing to the sudden increase in population.

Conclusion: To make life habitable and comfortable for everyone the solution to the problem is to create awareness among all the citizens in every country. Other than that they should be educated about family planning and the importance of family planning. Plus strict actions should be taken to those who do not follow the rules.
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