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Write a general essay in about 200 words on the following topic.
The place of computers in Modern World.

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In the modern computer world of today, the uses of computer are almost as limitless as a person's imagination. New and better programmes are being written everyday for easier and greater uses. The computer are used in the reservation counters of railway station as well as in the satellite launching stations. In the fields of engineering science, oceanography and geology computer is used by the experts. Data collection, analysis, comparison, sales accounting, sales analysis and stock verification are done accurately with the help of computers in the business houses and government departments and video conferencing.
E-mail and E-commerce are the latest applications of computer science. The internet provides a fast, free and unique way to get information or to communicate with others. No doubt with the invention of the computer and world wide linkage through internet the whole world has become a global village. In the field of education, the role being played by computer is virtually unlimited. EDUSAT is one such example. In short, information technology has transformed our lives. Computers are also used in applications ranging from running a farm, diagnosing a disease and designing in construction and launching a space vehicle. New uses of computers are being found for the internet everyday. With the uses of computers world has progressed exponentially. The computers are here to stay in the modern world and the more we understand them, the better will be the days ahead of us.
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