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What will I do to make India clean essay in 250 words?

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To keep our India clean we should separate the dry and wet garbage at h ome and put it in designated garbage bins only. not throw it on the road or from the window and try to pursue my family members to do so. also urge society chairman to make it a mandatory rule in our
There are very few simple things that we need to do to clean India as a part of this mission.

1) Don't Litter, throw waste in dustbin only.
2) Don't encourage spitting, immediately condemn people if found doing so.
3) Avoid usage of Plastic covers, plastic disposables. Carry a bag with you when you go for shopping, teach the people around you the same.
4) Teach Children about Cleanliness and Sanitation.
5) Plant trees around your house.
6) Separate Dry waste and wet waste in your house, ease the work of municipality workers.
7) If possible join any of the NGOs working in your area towards cleaning of India. If not atleast contribute to it in someway.
8) Avoid personal transport whenever possible. Encourage Car Pooling if you can't avoid. Much better you can use Public transportation.
9) Pool money along with your area mates and install large sized dustbins in the places where littering is done on the road or open place.
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