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Essay on Oil Conservation towards Healthy and Better Environment in 700 words

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Oil Conservation towards Healthy and Better Environment
Oil conservation is the direst need of the hour. The rate at which humans have been using the fossil fuels is not only consuming future resources for the coming generations, but is also polluting our environment alarmingly. The aftermath and fallout of the excessive use of fossil fuels have adversely affected man. Our environment is like a gigantic balloon of transparent life-supporting gases that are being polluted with the tar-like emissions. Conserving oil will not only keep the oil reserves for future generations, but will also help us conserve our environment. Let us see how reckless use of oil results in unwanted consequences.

Global Warming: Burning of fossil fuels has damaged this beautiful balloon to such an extent that reclaiming it to its pristine purity and beauty is impossibility. Man, the foolish creature, fails to see that his very existence depends on this balloon. It is a known fact that carbon dioxide, a gas released when fossil fuels are burnt, is one of the primary gases responsible for global warming. Rise in temperature of earth has resulted in melting of polar ice caps, flooding of low lying areas and rise in sea levels. If such conditions continue, our planet Earth might face some serious consequences in near future.

Health Hazards:  Besides damaging the environment, air pollution caused by the emission of gases produced in burning of fuels can result in asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, and lung cancer. Long-term exposure may increase respiratory infections in general people. Natural flora and fauna get affected with the toxic emissions that further complicate the ecological imbalance.

Burden on National Economy: India is one of the largest importers of oil from foreign countries. A major chunk of our national funds get spent on oil imports. According to a data India spent USD 111.9 billion on oil imports in 2018-19. If we had some other alternative fuel for oil, we could have saved so much of our funds and spent on other developmental activities.


Future Implications: Conservation of fuel is not only the urgent need of the current times. This colossal task can be accomplished by participation of all the people. Sagacious and frugal use of fossil fuels is the direst need of the hour. The present rate at which the fossil fuels are being used is quite alarming. There won't be left anything for the coming generations. We will be called highly selfish generation, if we don't leave fuels for the future generations. We need to put our acts together. We must follow the principles of sustainable development. After all it is our responsibility to bequeath a healthy and prosperous planet. Being parents and elders it is our moral responsibility.  

Exploring Alternatives for Oil Fuel: The best option in front of us at present to tackle the problems posed by fossil fuels is the option of using alternative sources of energy. The ever increasing demand for energy cannot be met by the fossil fuels. It will lead to environmental collapse as well as utter depletion. Renewable energy sources are the best bet in the scenario. And what can be a better renewable resource than the sun? Besides, it is a renewable and clean energy source. Taking both environmental and economic cost, solar energy works cheaper than fossil fuel resources. Once we master techniques to harness solar energy, it can be a vital source of power across the entire planet.

Electric Vehicles: The rise in economic activity and the burgeoning population have led to a tremendous demand in the transport sector, especially in urban India. In the near future, India's urban population is expected to grow fivefold to a staggering 200 million; pollution will also grow alarmingly. With this tremendous growth has emerged a very critical issue of keeping air and noise pollution in urban areas under control. The viable solution to the above mentioned problems is the use of electric vehicles (EVs) on the roads. EVs will reduce pollution by 16 lakh metric tons. The Government must promote and encourage people to replace their pollution-causing vehicles with smart zero-emission vehicles. For this the Government must make stricter laws to protect the environment. The Government must also provide subsidy on these smart vehicles.    

In conclusion it can be said that if we have to conserve our oil and save our environment. It is possible only through minimizing the use of oil and replacing the fossil fuels with alternative sources of energy. We must switch over to them as early as we can for a brighter, healthier and safer future!
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