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You visited a village in the mountains. Describe what you saw there in an essay.

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It was summer vacation and you went to a village in the mountains for 15 days.

The village was neat and green and was very different from the chaotic life of the city. On the way to your stay, you saw many types of step farming on the mountains.

The temperature in the mountains was comparatively lower than the city because of the altitude difference and you could also feel the difference in air quality; the village atmosphere was much cleaner.

While taking a stroll around the village, you came across many small shops which sold different kinds of fast foods and hand-made clothes.

You also found that the men  in the village, besides farming have an amazing talent of pottery and women too work from home by weaving clothes and selling them in the local market.

You learned that even the rural sector of the country is developing and people are leaving behind the conservative thoughts.

You went for a walk early morning to have a look around the farms; the weather was nice and cool; the daily life of people of the village usually begins very early in the morning and the locals gather in the village temple for morning prayers.

You also saw women preparing food on chulhas in earthen pots. They also  offered you the food and you had lunch with them; you would often eat typical Indian food for lunch.

You saw people herding their cattle in the farms and you even talked to them about their daily life.

You had a lot of fun in the village and you want to come back again for your next vacation.
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