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AIDS Awareness Programmes.

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AIDS Awareness Programmes
    There are many people who throw caution to the winds and end up being affected with HIV/AIDS. This disease is transmitted by an infected person to others during unprotected sex, use of infected needles and from a mother to her newborn child. Those facts are sometimes not known to all individuals and this is the reason why many innocent people are unknowingly affected with this disease.
    By starting an awareness program one can hope to bring together masses of people and enlighten them on the ill effects of this disease. By bringing together individuals from all walks of life one can give them information on how the disease is contracted by individuals and the ways one can enlist to save themselves from contracting the disease. This knowledge given to the masses will prevent social stigma, from becoming rampant and will allow those affected with the disease to live a normal life. When you are choosing to enlighten people about this disease you don't have to be a relative or friend of a victim who has been affected with this disease. AIDS is a disease that doesn't choose it victims. It affects each and every individual that comes its way. Victims include babies, teen and old people. Their race, sex and age doesn't count when they are affected with the disease. Sometimes people are infected even if it was no fault of theirs; this is in cases of newborn babies.
    Community based programs are the best way to spread awareness about this disease. One can enlist help of local work involving spread of useful information regarding the disease. NGO's can help, care and support for those affected with the ailment. Faith sharing organization can do their part by educating the masses on the factors resulting to the disease. Schools and colleges can help by spreading awareness through sex education classes, through which young girls and boys get to know facts which help them not to fall prey to this disease.
    in order to combat AIDS and spread knowledge in a better way we need to put forth a community based plan and schedule it systematically so that each and every individual in a particular location gets required information. Stringing together a systematic plan is essential as in some communities the occurrence of HIV is low while in others the level is quite high. You also need to take into account practices like polygamy, dowry, superstitions and lack of health care when you consider awareness programs in localities where there are many poor people.
   By using such a systematic plan we can hope to bring about a change in society for the good by informing individuals and at the same time providing a loving and caring atmosphere for those affected by this disease. A constructive, coordinate and consistent program will help orient the community to a higher success rate and in turn will help to combat HIV/AIDS in a better way. It is essential to get more and more people involved in an AIDS awareness program as this goes a long way in reducing incident as people are well informed regarding what to do and what not to do.
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