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Write an essay on 'Heaven and hell'.

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Heaven and hell are mythological places of good and bad people respectively. But apart from being mythical places, they have symbolic meanings. The former denotes everything that's morally right and good people whereas the latter denotes the opposite of it. It is not just about being in a good place, it's about thinking.

If you think in the right way, think what is morally right for you and the entire world, if you choose to do something good and positive over something bad and negative then you choose to be in heaven. Hell, on the other hand, seems pretty accessible. You don't have to take efforts. Rather when you don't take much efforts you can land up in hell. It's kind of logical too.

Heaven is placed at a physically higher position and hell at a lower position. So if you take efforts you reach to a higher position, to heaven and if you don't take efforts, you reach to a lower position, to hell. Lets look more about it. The general interpretation of heaven is a land where everything is white and clean. Whereas, hell is generally described as red and burning and unclean. But if we see, to achieve something great like heaven, you need to go through a dark and hell-like place.

There are people in our life, who try to motivate us, are positive, follow the morals, these are people who are heaven-like. But there are people in life, who intend to do negative to us, who think in a negative way or are morally incorrect. These people tend to be hell-like.

Heaven and hell are not just mythological places but also ideologies that we see in our everyday lives.
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