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Write an essay on 'Vigilant India, Prosperous India'.

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Vigilant India - It means where people are careful about their actions and are thoughtful. They make wise decisions such as electing one political party. They don't follow people and have their own views.
First, you may tell what vigilant India means. Then, go ahead to tell what all bad things happen if we are not vigilant.
We have democracy, it means all the power is with people. With this power, comes the responsibility to ensure that the representatives to whom we give the power to create laws for us are genuine.
It should be our responsibility to fact check information before directly forwarding it.
Social media has become a fake land in India. Any random irrelevant information is spread to create communal violence.
We need to be vigilant here. That means we need to see the source of that post; we need to check if it is true or not, before we simply forward it.
We need to be vigilant of our actions. We need to understand the impact of our action on the larger public - the country.
We need to be watchful of the TV media and newspapers. If they spread fake news or misinformation, then we must take action against them, at least by not watching those channels.
We should be watchful of the actions of government. Just because it is the government of political party you support, doesn't mean all actions taken by them are right. Some of these actions can be motivated by self-interest.
Decisions related to a country should be in interest of the people and not political parties.
If a government plans to pass laws which violate the Constitution or harm the country at large, then we need to demonstrate our opposition to it even if you had previously voted that party.
If we don't be watchful and stand against it today, then government will think that there's no opposition and they are free to do whatever they want.
If we are aren't aware the country won't grow.
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