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Essay on your favourite holiday destination in 150 words

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My favourite holiday destination would be Malaysia. Because there is a nice place, delicious food, and friendly people. Malaysia is famous for the KLCC high building, it was very high and awesome. Since my hobby is taking photographs, so there is a good place to practice boosting and enhance my skills. There is not only KLCC but also famous for their delicious food such as "Kacang Satay".It is a small dished and very usual for Malaysians. It is made of chicken, beef, rabbit and etc. It will serve with rice and sauce. The sauce is a delicious sauce to dip and a very secret recipe. People there were friendly to me when my first time visited. Everyone treats me to a meal and took me to Genting Highland to relaxing. There is a playground for everyone and also a good place to rest yourself. hope it will help you
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