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Write an essay in about 250 words on the following.

Gandhi was no advocate of blind adherence to tradition. Explain.

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A radially different Gandhiji: Unlike earlier reformers, Gandhi's views and support for women were very unique. A woman should be respected, not looked down upon as a weakling, a man's plaything or a sympathetic figure. In her is an indomitable spirit, a birth right to be free and a destiny to stand by the side of man as his equal.
A Complementary Relationship: In his words, he states that a woman must voice her needs, she is not different from man, A man and a woman complement each other; they have the same soul, the same life, the same rights; they need each other,The ancient concept of woman as a man's inferior being is strongly opposed.
Irrational traditions: Gandhi was not against traditions but he despised meaningless traditional beliefs such as untouchability, child widowhood, child marriages and superstitious practices. To him God was Truth. he believed that traditions should take man closer to God and humanity should not offend humans. Such practices which offend human dignity should be banished.
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