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Write an essay on how politicians misuse religion for their personal and political gain.

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Explanation: Here, you have to share your views on how religion is used by certain politicians to gain votes.

You may consider following points for the body:
- Clearly, certain politicians try appeal masses in the name of religion to secure their vote banks.
- They may manipulate people's minds by glorifying certain things from their religion and escalating its importance instead of focusing on the principles underlying them.
- Religion is a sensitive topic and dear to most people - it's something that they have been taught (mostly) since childhood. Thus, when someone says something in support of it or if people see that someone upholds specifically what they have learned since childhood, then they find such people appealing.
- Religion is a part of masses and one can't separate it. It should be used as a means to bring about welfare of society by focusing on the principles over practices.
- "According to Gandhiji religion can never be separated from politics. He said that he didn't mean religion as any particular religion but moral values that inform all religion is actually a real religion. He believed that politics must be guided by ethics drawn from religion."
- In reality, practices become more important than principles in minds of people and politicians embark upon this belief in society and try to persuade them.
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