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Describe a regret visit to some place which has left a deep impression on you.
(300-350 words essay)

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On the 12th of December I went to Mumbai with my parents to attend my cousin's wedding. The wedding was a grand affair, it reminded me of "The Big Fat Indian Wedding" tv show.

I met up with all my relatives. We danced into the night with our high heels on.

The next day I asked one of my cousins to come with me to the pharmacy as I needed some medicine since I got a headache after the party. She accompanied me. As we took the car out onto the main I noticed there were so many slums areas around that venue where the wedding took place.

This was my first time seeing so many slum areas. Where I come from, there are slums but not as much as this. This was an eye opener. It made me realise there was a huge difference between the rich and poor in India.

On one hand, there are multi-storey buildings with luxury and on the other hand some people fight for basic amenities. These people literally live on the streets with barely enough food or water. I asked my cousin when do they get water supply. She told me that thrice a week the municipal corporation brings water in huge tankers but this water is never sufficient..

These images of the people living in clumsy places and dirty surroundings keep haunting me. I kept thinking on how can we even aim to become a superpower when our own people are struggling for basic amenities? This is such a shame that we can't take care of our own people. Poverty is the biggest challenge for 21st century India.

If we don't eradicate poverty, all our achievements will be nullified because the outcome of such achievements will reach only to a particular class of people. We need to take greater measures and steps to help these people. It is such a shame to see so many people living in filth and dirt.

As a responsible citizens of the country we should take some steps.
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