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Write a composition (350 - 400 words)
"The use of Mobile Phones must be allowed in schools." Express your views either for or against the statement.

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Mobile phones are modern gadgets of communication that help us to connect with people around the world. Mobile phones have a marked effect on the lives of people and nowadays each and every person whether a peasant or a wealthy person owns a mobile phone. In these urban times, mobile phones are not restricted only to the adults, but have also become an important component of students' lives. Mobile phones shouldn't be allowed in schools as they will be used more as a means of amusement than for education.
    A students' life is a base for the days to come, and at this stage, students should develop the virtue of hard work by doing their own work manually without any help. With a mobile phone in hand, no student will bother to write down their notes, and will be obsessed with copying and pasting all the work given to them. This will make the students lazy, passive and this can effectively ruin their future.
   Nowadays, new types of mobiles called smart phones are prevalent. These have thousands of new features to be used, but most of these features are too distracting for a student's mind. For example, a student will develop a habit of playing games or listening to music while the teacher is giving a lecture or notes in class. This will cause rapid decrease in their interest to study, and they will gradually start losing their marks and rank. Another harmful effect of phones is that the outdoor activities decrease as the students stick to mobiles, because they are too hard to resist for a student. This affects their physical and mental health and if mobile phones are allowed in schools then the students would only become bad to worse.
   An important feature of mobile phones is the internet. Internet is a very useful thing and could be very useful for students as they can know about all the things around the world, but if free access to the internet is provided to students, without any restrictions in schools then most of the times it will be used for purposes other than education. The students could also be lured into opening porn websites and watching illicit material. The students will also begin to download useless materials, as a student's heart and mind is still developing and it is too hard to resist such distractions.
Thus, mobile phones should only be limited to homes, because they prove to be more of a distraction than an educational source to children. The students gradually start losing their concentration in studies. They develop a passive nature for studies and their essence of hard work dries up. These phones will cause their health to deteriorate, and will have an adverse effect on their eyes. A student will grow to become erratic and harsh and eventually develop a stubborn character. They will also cause them to lose their interest in sports and other outdoor fields of entertainment. Students will be less in contact with the outside world and family, and this will deteriorate his character. As far as studies are concerned, the mobile phones can be an excellent source if they are used correctly. However, if the students gain free access to phones, like in schools then they will only serve as an excellent source of distraction. These were the views I had against allowing the use of mobile phones in schools.
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