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Essay on what I want to do for my country

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Everyone loves his motherland and likes to serve it. But very few people know how best they can do so. I have various choices before me. If I want more exciting work, I may join the Army, the Air Force of the Navy. By doing so I shall strengthen the defence of the country. I may thus get a chance to lay down my life for the sake of the country. No service can be greater than the sacrifice of my life for the protection of our freedom. A place among the immortals is assured into those who die for the defence of the country.
Less glorious, l but not less important is the service to the country done by a teacher or control or a farmer or a worker. Every man in his station of life can serve his country doing his duty to the best of his ability So whatever be my occupation in life. I c can serve my country by doing my duty well.
However, I am only a student at present. How can I serve my country best as a student? I can serve my country in many ways. I am a student of science and therefore I should prepare myself to become a true scientist. Our country needs a number of scientists. By preparing myself to become a scientist I can do a very useful service to the country. Secondly, being the son of a shopkeeper I can explain to my father the need to hold the price line. I f I can bring him round it will be not nor mean service to the country. Thirdly, I own a house which has a garden around it. I can grow more vegetables in my kitchen garden thus add my mite towards the solution of the food problem. Along with this at the end of the months at the end of the month and thus can serve the country by saving some food.
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