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Write an essay on: Our Technology forces us to live mythically. Virtual World is fake!

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Here, mythically means "fictitious" - something that's not real, as in fiction stories. Fiction stories such as science fiction seem very good and most people may like but that's not reality. You may start by citing this relation.

You may consider following points for the body:
- Let's take example of Facebook. Facebook company encourages people to share every single moment of their life and tells people that this will help them come closer. Though this is just appearance.
- Suppose you go to visit a hill with friends. Then, in order to "be in the trend of posting photos online", people tend to be more busy in capturing different photos. Thus, the real objective of visitng the place is lost.
- Moreover, virtual world makes us detach from reality.
- We may go out with friends and people are busy in their phone checking out what other friends do. This is not real friendship!
- This is rather fake. Because even when we are somehwere, we are somewhere else virtually.

- You can then tell about emojis.
- Something that comes at ease may not hold much value.
- Emojis can be used at a single tap of finger. People keep on using so many emojis.
- They use multiple emojis of totally different emotions in the same line of message. Is that real?
- Can we express shocked, laughing, smilling at the same time in reality?

- Then, you may tell about constant need to check on people in our life.
- In real world, we may connect with people after some time. This time between two meetings can make the meeting long and special. There's curiosity.
- Whereas, virtual world kills all the curiosity which comes with patience as people just keep on posting all the way and others just keep on checking.

- Another point is lack of creation:
- In real word, we can create new things - say drawings, writings, thinking - most important.
- Virtual world - most people just read what others have written - say on Twitter.
- Very less people express their thoughts.
- Most people keep on scrolling Instagram feed. Few people spend time in real world and create awesome posts.
- Another thing is, in virtual world, we mostly don't see each other.
- When this happens, people may say anything, even bad things to anyone without fear.
- There are acts of cyber bullying.
- It is a world of numbers 1s and 0s. It makes us entangled in it. It pulls us like a magnet pulls iron fillings. Or you can compare it to a black hole.
- Once we fall in it, we can't get out. We just become a part of it. Thus, we no longer become a part of real world.
- You can tell example of virtual reality goggles which people use to play games
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