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Essay on problems faced by indian farmers during production

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Indian agriculture is being plagued by various problems. These problems, directly and indirectly, affect the life of a farmer. Farming practices and other activities of agriculture consume time as well as the efforts of a farmer.
We stock grains and use food throughout the year. However, we hardly give a thought to the hard work and dedication of farmers involved in the production of the crops. These food crops are cultivated to contribute to the overall growth in the sector of agriculture. Nevertheless, the problems faced by farmers go unnoticed in the entire process of extracting food and harvesting crops.
Why Are Indian Farmers Facing Problems?
Since the 1960 s, industrialised agriculture came into the picture. This has been successful but it is leading to a decrease in the variety of crops and livestock produced. Farmers have to face the issue of lesser rainfall due to improper irrigation. In a country like India, they have to struggle hard to achieve sustained progress in irrigation. Mostly, the farmers suffer from infrastructural and economic problems in their routine life. This is mainly due to the lack of education and technical resources.
Farmers are not acquainted with advanced agricultural practices. This holds them back from utilising the proper technical resources in farming and other practices. In order to reduce their problems, farmers should be educated about using big labour machines. If they get familiar with the mechanism of technical devices, farmers can eliminate several problems faced by them. Apart from this, by bringing power from different sources nuclear, coal, solar and water industrialised agriculture can become better.
Prevailing Problems Of Indian Farmers
The inadequacy of farm equipment is a handicap in the lives of farmers. Modern technology has adapted the needs of modern farming practices. If they are trained in using these equipment, the lives of farmers can improve significantly. Implementation of the equipments is very essential. Hence, a team of professionals should be appointed for these farmers for the welfare of the agricultural division of the economy. On the other hand, the ignorance of farmers can hinder their successful agriculture and harvesting practices.
For instance, if a farmer wants to harvest 10 types of mustard, then he should know the maturity period of the crop. There are certain facts about crop yielding, harvesting, and other agricultural sectors. If farmers get familiar with the information related to advanced agricultural procedures and the required safety measures, they can get rid of various problems.
Population growth is also a concern for the farmers. In order to allocate the plot for the subdivision of the joint family, agricultural farms have lesser space for farming. This is a problem to be worried about. Modern lifestyle demands multiple plots to satiate the needs of individuals. So, one has to ensure that farms are not compromised. Repaying the debt and selling their land for the creation of smaller plots should not be the fate of farmers. Farming is a very painstaking occupation and agricultural practices demand the efforts of a farmer. Why not allow him to work peacefully and empower him with modern farming tools as well as practices?
The Final Solution To Eliminate The Problems Faced By Farmers
Even though farmers do their best to generate their income and earn their livelihoods, we need to reflect on agricultural problems and solutions. Responsible consumption of resources is among one of the most important sustainable development goals. Hence, we should make sure that the problems of the agriculture sector are eradicated so that the lives of farmers are not hampered. Working conditions of farmers should also be improved.
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