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Write an essay on 'Traffic rules and citizens'

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Traffic rules are meant for our safety. Traffic rules or any sort of rules are made to streamline our life. Their intention is to bring some order in chaos. Our everyday life involves the use of roads for some or other reason but there are different roads and directions. It is thus essential to streamline this, else we all would get stuck in case traffic increases.

There are many reasons why people tend to break traffic rules. One of them is an inappropriate perspective to look at them. People look at them as something scary. They tend to follow them because of the fear that they would be fined. Thus, we see that people usually follow rules in the presence of traffic police. Whereas in their absence, they don't bother to wait at a traffic signal. Many people fail to understand that these rules are meant for their safety and not as a means to fine them.

Traffic rules not only include traffic signals but also road signs which usually escape our attention. Apart from that, there are divider strips or strip along the side of the road. Each of these elements has its role and it is important that we as a vehicle driver or even a pedestrian, are aware of them. Yes, the rules apply to pedestrians too. Pedestrians too should see if the signals green for them and then cross the road, as their inattention too can cause accidents.

As a citizen, we have our rights but we have our duties too. One such duty is to follow the traffic rules. While driving, one must be attentive on the road. One should not wear headphones. One should be aware of the traffic signal and road safety signs on the side of the road. One should maintain their vehicles properly to avoid untimely failures, which may cause inconvenience to you as well as others. While walking, one should use the footpath which is dedicated for walking. One shouldnt walk on the road dedicated to vehicles, causing inconvenience to others.

If we become aware of our duties and ensure that our activities dont cause harm to others, then it would definitely help to minimise road accidents.
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